Why You Need Regular Oil Changes

Your car depends on oil to keep the engine lubricated. Without engine oil, parts and components rub together and damage can occur. It also affects the performance of the car if there isn’t adequate oil. But, it is not enough to simply put oil in the car and hope for the best. Oil breaks down and over time, turns into a sludge that doesn’t protect the car but causes it harm. When you change the oil, you prevent this sludge buildup and the harmful effects that it brings.

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If you want to change your ow oil, be prepared for a job that will take a couple of hours at most. Changing the oil is a fairly simple service that anyone can conduct. Most people can DIY, but why would you want to get your hands dirty when it is simple to schedule service at the quick lube hendersonville nc? Costs are about the same if you hire a pro, so why not? Professionals can properly dispose of the oil and the filter and they can do the job while you take care of other things that life has put on your plate. Plus it is much easier when someone else does the work.

Regardless of who you want to change the oil in the car, make sure that it is done. Follow the indications in the owner’s manual of your car to determine the frequency that you need an oil change. Most cars follow a 3000 mile service schedule, though some newer model cars may use synthetic oils that allow them to travel up to 7000 miles before an oil change is needed. When you follow the schedule recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, you prevent problems and prolong the lifetime of your vehicle.

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